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Papaya+ Turmeric+ Sandalwood Soap - Combo Pack

Papaya+ Turmeric+ Sandalwood Soap - Combo Pack

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  • Goodness of Papaya, Turmeric and Sandalwood in one pack
  • Natural Soap 
  • 36 Refreshing Bath Guaranteed, subject to that the soap is kept at dry place away from sunlight.
  • The Pure Turmeric soap has a blend of essential oil and turmeric which nourishes the skin due to the presence of natural vitamins, minerals and Phytonutrients providing fairness at best naturally by reducing Acne and Blemishes.
  • The Natural Papaya soap contains vitamins that promotes healthy skin
  • Sandalwood as an ingredient in soaps helps in exfoliating dirt impurities and clogged pores.


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