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Viaskin Charcoal Detox Soap. ( Pack of 4 ) , 75 g / Soap

Viaskin Charcoal Detox Soap. ( Pack of 4 ) , 75 g / Soap

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  • Soap Grade - I, Total Fatty Matters TFM: 76% Minimum.
  • Enriched with Rosemary & Lime extracts. Banishes the blemishes with the Anti-Bacterial properties of this 100% Natural Detox soap.
  • Roasemary Extracts: Anti Inflammatory Properties.Lemon :Best Anti Oxidants and rich in Vitamin-C
  • Micronised Activated Charcoal: Best Detoxifying agent which deeply clears the skin micro-pores from dust & Oils.
  • 36 Refreshing Bath Guaranteed, subject to that the soap is kept at dry place away from sunlight.
  • This Charcoal Detox soap takes care of your oily skin.
  • This soap also helps in reducing Acne, Reducing skin pore size.
  • Charcoal Detox soap very gently exfoliates your skin.
  • You are going to feel the deodorizing effect on your body for a very long time !!

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